eVALBEC August 2006
This is the electronic newsletter of VALBEC, the Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council, and is sent to about 900 practitioners on the first of each month (other than January). It is also available in the ‘News’ section of our web site http://www.valbec.org.au
Disclaimer: The activities, goods and services mentioned in eVALBEC are not endorsed by VALBEC in any way. People should make their own judgment about the suitability of each item.
1. Twilight Forum – VALBEC  Focus Session on the CGEA re-accreditation
2. CGEA Re-accreditation Update
3. 2006 Literacy - It's Everyone's Business – ACAL National Conference
4. NCVER and Reframing the Future forum - 5 October 2006
5. Fine Print Editor changes
6. Three positions with VALBEC - Call for Expressions of Interest
* Position 1 - VALBEC Fine Print Commissioning Editor
* Position 2 - VALBEC Fine Print History Publication project officer
* Position 3 - VALBEC Archive project officer
7. Coming up in Spring edition of Fine Print
8. Literacy Link (ACAL) Commissioning Editor sought
9. August ACAL eNews out soon
10. Free Resources
11. Delia Bradshaw at Literacy Live next Thursday evening, 3rd August, 5.00pm AEST
12. NCVER Report 'Current and future professional development needs of the language, literacy and numeracy workforce'
13. Wheatsheaf Readers
14. Update - Collections and bibliographic resources – WELL and ALNP
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16. Unsubscribe?
17. Contact VALBEC
Twilight Forum – VALBEC  Focus Session on the CGEA re-accreditation
Wednesday, August 9, 2006
Kew Neighbourhood House, 2-12 Derby St, Kew. Melways 46 D5
6.30 – 8.30pm
A light supper will be provided
The purpose of the session is to discuss samples of the draft units and consider issues of implementation. VALBEC committee members will facilitate discussion groups.
The outcomes of the discussion will be communicated to Lynne FItzpatrick and Liz Davidson through the VALBEC representative on the Steering Committee.
Interested members should download the draft documents from the SITNTALK website at http://tls.vu.edu.au/cf/sitntalk/main.cfm
RSVP by August 6, 2006 to info@valbec.org.au
2. CGEA Re-accreditation Update July 2006
The first draft of the (reaccredited) CGEA will be available for comment on the SITNtalk website from  4th August to 21st August http://tls.vu.edu.au/cf/sitntalk/main.cfm. The following will be available:
·     Draft structure of each of the 5 levels.
·     Draft units organised by skill area (reading and writing, numeracy, science, individual learning plan, complete a project, selected electives)
Also included on the site will be questions to guide feedback, and a feedback sheet. You might prefer to provide in-depth comments on a particular level or skill area, or cover the whole range, or do 'spot checks'.
To access the materials, go to SITNtalk, then click on the links to Certificates in General Education for Adults Reaccreditation. Use Finder/ links in the side menu, then Resources. It is not necessary to log in to download documents.
Your feedback is vital!
Please take this opportunity to provide feedback on the draft curriculum to the CGEA project team Lynne Fitzpatrick & Liz Davidson sicmm.generalstudies@vu.edu.au
3. 2006 Literacy - It's Everyone's Business – ACAL National Conference
The ACAL national conference is fast approaching on 6-7 October in Adelaide - preceded by a national forum convened by NCVER and Reframing the future (see below).  Please note that the forum requires an additional registration.  There’s a packed program - over 30 workshops by practitioners, researchers and administrators, as well as guest speakers including Margaret Somerville, Dave Tout, Louise Wignall, Jill Sanguinetti, Wing-Yin Chan Lee, and the Arch Nelson Address speaker at the annual dinner will be Mr Jeff McMullen.  There will be the opportunity to explore a range of issues with ACAL executive and ACAL members including specialist strands on numeracy, panels on 'making partnerships work' ... and lots more.  The SACAL Executive committee warmly invite you to joins us for the national forum followed by the ACAL national conference in October.   Registrations to http://www.sacal.sa.edu.au/. Enquiries Adelaide@literacy.sa.edu.au
4. NCVER forum and Reframing the Future forum - 5 October 2006 (Two half-day pre-conference sessions)
Registrations to http://www.sacal.sa.edu.au/
Training and assessment for adults with low literacy skills: a workshop for adult literacy teachers, trainers and managers.
In this NCVER forum you will have an opportunity to listen to a brief review of what is happening nationally and locally to improve the literacy skills of adults with low basic skills. There will also be an opportunity for you to join discussions about current challenges you experience in  your work and to learn from others about effective ways to address such challenges. Officers from national government literacy programs will also be on hand to discuss and respond to questions about any current initiatives.
Hand in Glove - developing LLN practices in a Training Package context
This Reframing the Future forum provides an opportunity to hear about good practices in literacy and numeracy development in VET training package delivery and assessment processes. Exemplars drawn from three of the fourteen LLN focused professional development projects funded by Reframing the Future in 2005 will be used to stimulate professional conversations between the forum participants. You will have the opportunity to explore innovative practices and ways to adapt, adopt and apply them within your own practice environment.
5. Fine Print Editor
Robyn Hodge, editor of Fine Print has decided to apply her pen in other fields and has accepted a full time position at NMIT as the Curriculum Development Officer in the Research and Development Unit. This means that the next edition of Fine Print will be Robyn’s last as editor. VALBEC thank Robyn for her contribution to ensuring Fine Print is a highly regarded journal and wish her well in her new role.
6. Three positions with VALBEC - Call for Expressions of Interest
(close August 4, 2006)
More detail for each position can be found on the web site http://www.valbec.org.au
VALBEC invites interested and suitably qualified people to submit expressions of interest for the following positions:
* Position 1 - VALBEC Fine Print Commissioning Editor
Fine Print is VALBEC's quarterly journal for language and literacy practitioners. It has a high profile as the only Victorian professional journal for the ALBE field and is circulated nationally and internationally. The Commissioning Editor has overall responsibility, in consultation with the Editorial committee and convenor, for the planning and commissioning of material, and the production of each edition.
* Position 2 - VALBEC Fine Print History Publication project officer
This project will investigate and produce a publication that can best reflect VALBEC’s history and publish it in time for celebrations in 2008. It is envisaged that the final product will include (1) a history of VALBEC based on interviews, Fine Print articles and VALBEC archives and (2) articles from Fine Print which reflect the significant shifts and trends in the ALBE field and short pieces related to these articles.
* Position 3 - VALBEC Archive project officer
With the approach of the 30 years anniversary of VALBEC, it is vital to establish a VALBEC archive with systems for recording, processing and storage. There are various existing repositories of materials that need to be identified, collected and categorized to create the VALBEC archive and organize systems to ensure the ongoing maintenance and storage of this archive.
7. Coming up in Spring edition of Fine Print
Adult Numeracy via New Learning Technologies by Gail FitzSimons
Beyond compliance: ACE and the Disability Standards for Education 2005 by Judy Buckingham
A change of scene by Delia Bradshaw
Great(er) expectations: Scotland’s approach to supporting the adults who want to learn by Margaret Tierney
Literacy Link (ACAL) Commissioning Editor sought
Robyn Hodge has also been Commissioning Editor for ‘Literacy Link’, the ACAL quarterly newsletter. ACAL services, including this role are provided by a consortium, and ACAL and the consortium now seek a Commissioning Editor. If you’re interested in taking on this paid role, visit the ACAL web site http://www.acal.edu.au where more details will appear shortly or contact Don MacDowall at dmacdowall@bigpond.com or phone 03 9546 6892. Applications close August 14, 2006
9. August ACAL eNews out soon
ACAL, the national body for adult literacy produce a quarterly newsletter, Literacy Link and a quarterly electronic newsletter, along the lines of eVALBEC. If you’d like to receive either, contact ACAL at acal@pacific.net.au.
August ACAL eNews is about to be distributed to the ACAL mailing list and state counterparts.
10. Free Resources
A conversation at the recent Committee meeting was about useful, free(!) resources. Here are two that are highly regarded
Consumer Affairs have produced a series of books under the 'Money Stuff' resource package. Visit http://www.moneystuff.net.au or http://www.consumer.vic.gov.au then ‘Spotlight on..’ then ‘Young consumers, students & teachers’.
Legal Aid 'What's the Deal' - A kit to educate young people about legal issues. Visit http://www.legalaid.vic.gov.au then ‘Publications’
Contact: Maria Foster (Marketing Officer) whatsthedeal@via.vic.gov.au or ring 03 9269 0223
If you know of free and valuable resources, please let us know and we’ll list them in eVALBEC
11. Delia Bradshaw at Literacy Live next Thursday evening, 3rd August, 5.00pm AEST
Last year, Delia Bradshaw had a role of "overseeing" the three voice-related New Practices projects, aka "Different Voices, Different Spaces" http://dvds.flexiblelearning.net.au/index.html.
You can join Delia at Literacy Live next Thursday evening, 3rd August, 5.00pm AEST, Literacy Live Session Room <http://literacylive.ivocalize.net/>
Following her recent presentation at the VALBEC Conference in May, Delia has generously offered to give people in the literacy networks an overview presentation about the new discoveries in using voice online, for adult learning. Join people in the Literacy Live session room, for this enjoyable introduction, to the literacies and experiences of the human voice in the digital world.
(There's a "How to" Help file c/- al-t, http://prace.vic.edu.au/al-t/ email michael <michalk at alphalink dot com dot au> for the password if you don't have it :)
12. NCVER Report 'Current and future professional development needs of the language, literacy and numeracy workforce'
This report has been published and can be purchased for $25.30 or downloaded free of charge from http://www.ncver.edu.au/publications/1679.html
This study reflects on the professional development needs of the three sectors--vocational trainers, specialist teachers and volunteer tutors--of the Australian English language, literacy and numeracy workforce. It finds that the important issues affecting the workforce include entry pathways, attitudes, responsibilities and barriers to gaining professional development. Preferred modes of professional development delivery, along with skill gaps among the workforce, are identified to provide guidance for future workforce development planning.
13. Wheatsheaf Readers
This is a series of readers for Literacy and ESL students. The humorous and touching stories have been written by Jacinta Agostinelli, an ESL and Literacy teacher, and delightfully illustrated by Margaret Bishop, an ESL teacher. Jacinta and Margaret teach at Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre. Each story is based on the real experiences of long time residents of Glenroy as related in taped interviews. Although set locally the stories have universal themes and appeal, and have been known to reduce a class to nostalgic tears! The titles and levels are as follows:
Any Cheese, Any Shoes - Beginner
The Piano - Beginner
Storm Damage - a longer story for Post Beginners
Two more books are due for release later this year:
Silly Sheep - Post Beginner
Wheatsheaf Short Stories - two short stories for Intermediate.
Readers are $10 and a decent discount is offered for multiple purchases.
Each story has activities included. For an order form or further enquiries please contact Jacinta Agostinelli by email langlitcoord@glenlink.vic.edu.au or phone 9304 3910
14. Update - Collections and bibliographic resources - Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Programme and the Adult Literacy National Project (ALNP)
NCVER manages the collections and bibliographic databases associated with the Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Programme and the Adult Literacy National Project (ALNP).
The publications and resources produced from WELL and ALNP are indexed in the VOCED database. VOCED is a research database for technical and vocational education and training and is available free on the web at http://www.voced.edu.au. It is international in scope, with an emphasis on Australia and the Asia Pacific region, which contains over 30 000 high quality abstracts, many with links to full text documents about vocational education and training research, policy and practice.
All resources can be borrowed from the NCVER library and all 2006 plus publications can also be borrowed from the DEST library.
Contact: National Centre for Vocational Education Research, Ph: 08 8230 8400; Fax: 08 8212 3436 Email: voced@ncver.edu.au
Contact: DEST Library Services, Ph: 02 6240 8848; Fax: 02 6240 8861 Email: library@dest.gov.au.
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