eVALBEC July 2006
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1. New VALBEC Committee
2. Next VALBEC Committee Meeting
3. ACAL Conference - ‘Literacy: it’s everyone’s business’
Early bird opens
4. "A Change of Scene"
5. Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture - Training
6. ‘Car Costs’ - Member offer – free copies
7. NMIT Faculty of Further Education Conference - Friday 14 July 2006
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New VALBEC Committee
The AGM on June 8, heard reports for the 2005 year and elected the following people to the VALBEC Committee to manage the affairs of the Association for the next year.
Co-President Lynne Matheson
Co-President Anne Haynes
Secretary Pauline O’Maley
Treasurer Ron Munro
Committee members:
Teresa Cusack
John Radalj
Corinna Ridley
Yvonne Russell
Debbie Soccio
Jeannie Turnbull

Congratulations and good luck!
Thanks to retiring committee members Fran O'Neill, Jacinta Agostinelli and Robyn Hodge for their commitment and work on the VALBEC committee.
Next VALBEC Committee Meeting
The next VALBEC committee meeting will be held on Wednesday July 19th at the Royal Standard Hotel, 333 William St West Melbourne, 6.30 -8.00. Members are welcome to attend.
ACAL Conference - ‘Literacy: it’s everyone’s business’

Early Bird Registrations are now open for the national adult literacy conference, hosted by the South Australian Council for Adult Literacy on 6th – 7th October at the Adelaide Hilton
NCVER forum Oct 5 ‘Reframing the Future Forum’
Register at http://www.sacal.sa.edu.au/conf06/
Early bird only lasts until July 31. ACAL members save $50, Non-ACAL save $80
"A Change of Scene"
Delia Bradshaw was invited to speak at the April '06 induction sessions for the Adult Learning Australia (ALA) "e-Learning Creative Community Partnerships" Projects.
Delia has provided inspiring and thought-provoking reflections to adult literacy teachers in the community on many occasions. Vital questions about learning and community are sometimes quietly ignored, when using technology for learning in adult community settings.
Indulge yourself and experience the whole talk online; you may listen and read along, via "A Change of Scene",
Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture - Training
The Foundation House, home of the Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture, Training Calendar July to November 2006 is now available at http://www.foundationhouse.org.au/professional_current.php
Modules available include
1. Displacement, Flight and Refuge: a study tour to Bangladesh
2. Orientation: the Refugee Experience
3. Introduction: a Framework for Working with Refugee Survivors of Torture and Trauma
4. School’s In for Refugees: a Whole School Approach to Refugee Readiness
5. Course for Counsellors: Skills for Working with Refugee Survivors in Counselling Practice
6. Course for ‘Incidental’ Counsellors: Skills for Working Refugee Survivors
7. Community Development with Refugee Communities
‘Car Costs’ - Member offer – free copies
To be in the running (pun intended) to get a free copy of this book, visit the VALBEC web site http://www.valbec.org.au
Car Costs is a new numeracy resource available from CAE. The RACV partly funded the CAE for the writing and publishing of a numeracy workbook for youth and adult students based on the theme of cars. This has recently been completed. It was written by Dave Tout, and is now available for purchase through CAE for $29.70 (incl GST) plus postage and handling. Car Costs is a workbook that uses the topic of cars to introduce and teach a number of maths and numeracy topics.  It includes activities and a range of investigations supported by explanations of the mathematics required to undertake the activities. It is suitable for both CGEA and VCAL students.
 Chapters include topics such as:
·  Which Car? that looks at how you choose a car and what information and specifications exist to help in this process
·  Paying for a Car looks at financial issues related to buying a car
·  Running Costs looks at the other costs of running a car such as fuel, insurance, registration and so on
·  More than Money which looks at driving and safety, including crash statistics
·  Brush Up Your Skills which is a large chapter that looks at the maths skills required to undertake the above tasks and investigations.
For an order form go to the CAE Press website at: http://www.caepress.edu.au/ and download the numeracy flier. For further information about the book, or other literacy and numeracy resources see the above website or contact Dave Tout on 9652 0702 (Mon - Wed) or email davet@cae.edu.au
NMIT Faculty of Further Education Conference - Friday 14 July 2006
Conference Registrations are now open for the NMIT Faculty of Further Education Conference, to be held on Friday 14 July at the NMIT Epping Campus - Corner Dalton Road & Cooper Street, Epping.  Keynote speakers will be Don Watson (author or Watson’s Dictionary of Weasel Words) on the Decay of Public Language and Merv Edmunds (VCAL co-ordinator) on Why humans dream, and why it matters.  
Workshops  include: The Refugee Experience, Meeting Learning Styles, Re-engaging Young People, VECCI – Skills Shortage, Staff Matters – Well being at Work, Communicative Methodology in the IELTS Classroom, the Aurora Pathways Program, Pronunciation – Teaching and integrating the sound of English, Mediation & Conflict Resolution, We all count but count differently, Still Me being old and in Care, Advancing equity and much more.
For registration details please contact Rita Hawkins on ritah-fs@nmit.vic.edu.au or telephone 9269 1081
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