eVALBEC September 2006
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1. VALBEC Spring Forum September 18, Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE  Preston
2. 2006 Literacy - It's Everyone's Business – ACAL National Conference
3. NCVER forum and Reframing the Future forum - 5 October 2006 (Two half-day pre-conference sessions)
4. Fine Print Editor
5. VALBEC / Fine Print History Publication Project Officer
6. VALBEC Archive Project Officer
7. Call for Reference Group Members
8. Advanced Diploma of Language Literacy and Numeracy Practice in VET
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VALBEC Spring Forum September 18, Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE  Preston
Put September 18th in your diary. Yes it is the first Monday of the term break but you will not want to miss this morning forum.  9.30 – 12.30 at Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE , Preston.
The program for the forum:  
Understanding Money
Gillie Kirk, Senior Adviser Education and Training, Financial Literacy Foundation will be talking about the work of the Foundation in making quality financial literacy education more broadly available. She will provide resources and ideas for implementing in classroom practice.
More information at http://www.understandingmoney.gov.au/content/education/.
Multi-literacies Inside and Out
Gerri Pancini from Corrections, Kangan Batman TAFE, will present her work with the Certificates of in Learning Pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and discuss applications to other contexts of  approaches to learning and pathways in community and further education.
Developing a Circle of Professional Research Practice (Why do  it ?/ How to do it?)
Libby Barker, PRACE, will give a first hand account of how the  circles have developed, what has been learnt in the process of implementing the circles and the gains participants have made.

More detail about the Spring Forum will follow in a separate email.
2. 2006 Literacy - It's Everyone's Business – ACAL National Conference
Quick links
Main conference page: http://www.sacal.sa.edu.au/conf06/
Conference Program: http://www.sacal.sa.edu.au/conf06/?pid=7
NCVER Pre-Conference Forum: http://www.sacal.sa.edu.au/conf06/?pid=8
The ACAL national conference is fast approaching on 6-7 October in Adelaide - preceded by a national forum convened by NCVER and Reframing the future (see below).  Please note that the forum requires an additional registration.  There’s a packed program - over 30 workshops by practitioners, researchers and administrators, as well as guest speakers including Margaret Somerville, Dave Tout, Louise Wignall, Jill Sanguinetti, Wing-Yin Chan Lee, and the Arch Nelson Address speaker at the annual dinner will be Mr Jeff McMullen.  There will be the opportunity to explore a range of issues with ACAL executive and ACAL members including specialist strands on numeracy, panels on 'making partnerships work' ... and lots more.  The SACAL Executive committee warmly invite you to joins us for the national forum followed by the ACAL national conference in October. Registrations to http://www.sacal.sa.edu.au/. Enquiries Adelaide@literacy.sa.edu.au
3. NCVER forum and Reframing the Future forum - 5 October 2006 (Two half-day pre-conference sessions)
Registrations to http://www.sacal.sa.edu.au/
Training and assessment for adults with low literacy skills: a workshop for adult literacy teachers, trainers and managers.
In this NCVER forum you will have an opportunity to listen to a brief review of what is happening nationally and locally to improve the literacy skills of adults with low basic skills. There will also be an opportunity for you to join discussions about current challenges you experience in  your work and to learn from others about effective ways to address such challenges. Officers from national government literacy programs will also be on hand to discuss and respond to questions about any current initiatives.
Hand in Glove - developing LLN practices in a Training Package context
This Reframing the Future forum provides an opportunity to hear about good practices in literacy and numeracy development in VET training package delivery and assessment processes. Exemplars drawn from three of the fourteen LLN focused professional development projects funded by Reframing the Future in 2005 will be used to stimulate professional conversations between the forum participants. You will have the opportunity to explore innovative practices and ways to adapt, adopt and apply them within your own practice environment.
Fine Print Editor
We are delighted to announce the appointment of Karen Manwaring as the new Fine Print Commissioning Editor. We welcome her to the position and feel confident she will bring her wide experience and expertise to the high standard of production of Fine Print. She has already met with the Editorial Group and the summer edition is well in progress. If you would like to contribute to Fine Print or join the Editorial Group please contact Karen at fineprint@valbec.org.au
5. VALBEC / Fine Print History Publication Project Officer
Bev Campbell is well known and respected in the adult literacy field and so we are very excited to announce her appointment as Project officer for the VALBEC / Fine Print History Publication. Bev brings a strong background in research, writing and publishing to the project. The publication will coincide with the 30 year celebrations of VALBEC in 2008.
6. VALBEC Archive Project Officer
Fiona MacDowall and father (Don) have been appointed to undertake the establishment of the VALBEC archive. Fiona has exemplary qualifications in librarianship and information and management systems, while father Don brings his knowledge and expertise in electronic and online information management systems, plus his in depth knowledge of VALBEC through working as the admin officer for the past 6 years.
7. Call for Reference Group Members
VALBEC would like to invite interested persons to participate in the Fine Print History and Archive projects. As a first step we are asking for volunteers for the Reference Group to work with members of the VALBEC executive committee in framing and guiding the projects. We believe that the projects are inter related and so a Reference Group would work with both Project officers at different times.
There will be around six meetings over the course of 18 months and some email contact between. It is an opportunity to have input and involvement in what are two very significant and exciting projects for VALBEC and the wider adult literacy and numeracy fields. If you would like to be involved please send in your details to info@valbec.org.au and we will be in contact with you with details about the first meeting.
8. Advanced Diploma of Language Literacy and Numeracy Practice in VET
A consortium of public, private and community RTOs in Victoria is seeking expressions of interest from people who may be interested in gaining accreditation in this new qualification. The course includes units on theory and practice in adult literacy, numeracy, TESOL, and assessment.
The 2006 – 2007 Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Program guidelines state that the Advanced Diploma will be DEST’s preferred qualification for WELL trainers in the future. It will also be accepted qualification for those teaching in the LLNP.
At this stage we will be building up a database of people who are interested in the whole qualification or statements of attainment through an RPL/RCC and /or training.
If you would like to find out more or register your interest, please contact philippa@cae.edu.au
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