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Keynote Teaching and Research: Bridging the Abyss for effective practice – Dr. John Benseman, Director, Critical Insight Research and Evaluation, New Zealand

A1 What should our banner say! – Lindee Conway, Melbourne Polytechnic

A2 Enhancing student engagement and retention to maximise outcomes and course completion – Allyson Dutschke, TAFE SA

A3 Jobs Expo – Christine Morris and Christopher Moxam, Wyndham Community & Education Centre

A4 Engaging numeracy students – Pam Mahlis, Olympic Adult Education

B1 Best Practice Models of Professional Development – Margaret Corrigan, Carringbush Adult Education

B4 Plan Your Class with EEEs Ease – Rhonda Raisbeck, formerly Holmesglen TAFE

C1 Maximising conference benefits – What informs practitioner decision making about their own learning? – Louise Wignall, Wignall Consulting

C2 Learning within and beyond – Daniella Mayer, Chisholm Institute of TAFE

C3 Show me the money – Marc Brierty, Melbourne Polytechnic

C4 A sound approach to spelling – Jacky Springall and Lilliana Hajncl, AMES Australia