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Presentation proposals are now invited for the 2019 VALBEC Conference: ‘Resilience: connect, educate, empower’.

The conference title invites us to celebrate and explore how teachers, students and learning environments achieve in education. Do we bring resilience with us, revealing it through language and collegiate action or both? How is the progress from connecting with education, new skills and confidence experienced by the student?

Here you can explore any of these ideas in a workshop, a presentation, a discussion, or a Q & A with colleagues from diverse environments. Much learning, discovery and validation can occur when we connect with our colleagues and students in discussion and exploration.

This year we will draw on the three touchstones for VALBEC’s work:

  • Connect describes or demonstrates how you have connected with colleagues, community and students to succeed in a new skill, or lay down the foundations for something new.
  • Educate shows how you and/or your students have developed and delivered good learning experiences. This is a fabulous moment to bring a work in progress to get feedback or to trial materials
  • Empower explains and demonstrates how learning has enabled students or colleagues to utilise the resilience life has taught them to achieve their goals. You might even debate whether or not resilience can be taught.

Presentation types

There are three presentation types you can select from.

1.     Workshop – Connect

(60 minutes)

These sessions offer the presenter an opportunity to explore in some depth a methodological or theoretical idea.

You should seek to engage your participants in a discussion that enables them to make connections with your experience and ideas and their own.

What new idea/s will they be able to take away to explore or follow-up?


2.     Materials in use – Educate

(60 minutes)

Presenters can bring new materials or materials in development to present to the participants for an interactive workshop where they can engage with materials with their students and curriculum in mind.

Are these materials and ideas they can take away with them and/or will you gain a breakthrough that will help you finalise or publish your new materials?


3.     Journey’s end – Empower

(60 minutes)

What is the end result you can see from a planned, designed and delivered program? How are your students talking about their journey and where are they going next? This is an opportunity for students to celebrate their journey with you and to discuss how obstacles were overcome.

Perhaps here it will be possible to see if resilience is something that is taught or discovered. What inspirations or moments of discovery did you discover together?


Critical dates

Proposals should be submitted by March 25th 

Don’t forget to include a short biography to accompany your abstract in the program.

If you are presenting with someone else, include both biographies. Co-presenters will only be considered as a presenter if they are delivering a significant portion of the workshop.

Acceptances will be sent by April 10th

Confirmed lead presenters attend free, Confirmed co-presenters get a significant discount.

2019 VALBEC Conference
'Resilience: connect, educate, empower