All Comers Welcome: educating for community and growth

In 2020 let’s celebrate the people we teach – their lives, interests and aspirations. Block out May 15th for the 2020 VALBEC Conference. 

As teachers and providers across diverse delivery environments, we find ways for all learners to feel welcome and capable of acquiring the skills they need.

There are so many ways of identifying learners: cultural – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, migrant, English-background; by their socio-economic status – lower socio-economic; by their past history of education or employment – disengaged youth, adult returning to study, unemployed, retrenched. Individuals get ‘lumped’ into their cultural/economic box. It’s convenient but perhaps the individual’s journey can get a bit forgotten.

In 2020 we would like learners AND teachers to tell us about the journey.

So, in 2020, we are inviting learners and their teachers from any delivery environment to consider these questions:

  1. How do learners manage to progress?
  2. What are their aspirations and how did teachers find out about them?
  3. What obstacles have learners and teachers overcome?
  4. Is there research, a program, strategy or resource … that has been discovered or developed that supports all learners and teachers?

This theme is open to learners, researchers, teachers and volunteers.

Start thinking now.

The call for papers and a draft program for May 15th, 2020 will be out in the new year.