All Comers Welcome:

Educating for community and growth
Wednesday, 2nd December 2020

William Angliss Conference Centre

In 2020 we would like learners AND teachers to tell us about the journey.

So, we are inviting learners and teachers from any delivery environment to consider these questions:

  1. How do learners manage to progress?
  2. What are their aspirations and how did teachers find out about them?
  3. What obstacles have learners and teachers overcome?
  4. Is there research, a program, strategy or resource … that has been discovered or developed that supports all learners and teachers?

This theme is open to learners, researchers, teachers and volunteers. All Comers Welcome!

What happened in ten weeks to change this student’s ability to learn?
Nikki hadn’t been to school for 18 months due to anxiety. After participating in the Animal Assisted Learning Program at Leopold Community Centre in 2019, she is now enrolled in a Cert III Disability Services. “Before this program I couldn’t go into another room without my mum being by my side, I have loved this program, I learnt so much about myself and I even made a friend, ”.
Student 2019

Have you heard about James who rarely left home to go out?

After a chance visit to his local Neighbourhood house he ended up helping some seniors with their digital devices.

 As a result he has just completed a Cert III Information Technology and Media and has a traineeship troubleshooting and teaching people how to use a variety of devices.

Student 2019