1. President's report

I have spent the last week reading over the presentation proposals for our 2023 VALBEC conference REFOCUS: Student Centred Practices, and I am getting a familiar ‘ping’ of excitement looking at the different things that our community does to help our students achieve their goals. It certainly is humbling to think about being a part of something so life changing for so many people. Now if you wanted to submit a presentation, but didn’t get a chance to, you still have a little time as we have extended the time until this Friday. We’d love to see what you have been up to.

In other news, VALBEC is starting to plan our online Professional Learning sessions for the year. After so many terrific presentations last year, we are eager to see what topics will be covered. Rest assured: we have seen the comments concerning what our community would like to see, and are very much using this information in our planning. Stay tuned for the first few announcements soon.

Lastly, and something I think will become a topic in coming months: ChatGPT. For those of you who don’t know, ChatGPT is an online AI that can literally write anything for you. I have been experimenting with it recently, and today I asked it to help me with my eVALBEC report. It wrote the following:

The eVALBEC Conference is one of the most highly anticipated events in the world of literacy and numeracy. This annual gathering brings together educators, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners from around the globe to share their knowledge, insights, and experiences in this critical field.

It isn’t quite accurate, but I thought these were some nice words. The question remains, however, what does a Chatbot mean for the future of education? Should using a Chatbot be punished via plagiarism? What does the existence of Chatbots mean for our assessments? Something to maybe ponder as you apply to present at up upcoming conference!

Liam Frost-Camilleri

VALBEC President

2. Valbec Membership

VALBEC Membership

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Members receive:

  • Fine Print three times a year – a high quality journal for discussion and debate about good practice, theory and policy issues. Feedback and contributions are actively sought from members about content and issues.
  • eVALBEC – our e-mail communication keeping members informed of professional development activities, general committee activities and more up to date policy changes.

  • Discounts for the Annual Conference and other VALBEC statewide professional development.

  • Issues-based forums.

  • Focus on significant policy issues impacting on the field.

  • Free numeracy resources.

    3. Conference

    We are excited to announce our next conference to be held on 19th May 2023 at the Angliss Conference Centre.

    With the COVID pandemic impacting us so greatly, there is no better time than now to start re-focussing on our students and the practices that help us engage and connect with them. We are excited to showcase all the exciting things that are done in our educational spaces.

    More to follow.

    4. Resources

    Literacy Games for Adults

    A variety of literacy games for adults, and supporting materials also Ideas on how to adapt them to create more games 


    Slow English

    A series of  podcasts about Australia for intermediate learners of English


    EAL Resources 4 Adults (123-abc.org)

    The Initial EAL Workbook by Assunta CRUPI-POGLIANO aligns with the Course in Initial EAL Framework. It is a workbook filled with ready to use worksheets for teachers of pre-beginner and beginner students.

    The materials are user friendly, carefully scaffolded and sequenced to allow students to slowly develop their skills and confidence.

    You can download some pages under the “Teaching Resources Page” under:

    Free teaching resources to accompany The Initial EAL Workbook — EAL Resources 4 Adults (123-abc.org)

    The videos under: Video Support for The Initial EAL Workbook — EAL Resources 4 Adults (123-abc.org)introduce and supplement the Teacher Notes in The Initial EAL Workbook.

    You can buy the book here: Visit the bookshop to purchase The Initial EAL Workbook. — EAL Resources 4 Adults (123-abc.org)

    5. Fine Print

    The most recent issue of Fine Print is full of great ideas for the classroom and thoughtful reflections on teaching, for example, this great interview with Joanna Osborne and Sarah Deasey about a Learn Local and TAFE partnership that generated a successful food handling course.

    Do you know an educator who would make a good interview subject for Fine Print? Email your suggestions to Editor Deryn Mansell

    6. Numeracy News and CGEA update

    7. Unions

    8. Special dates

    • 14th March – Pi Day

    • 14th March – International Day of Mathematics

    • 20th March – National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence

    • 20th March – International Day of Happiness

    • 21st - 29th March – Cultural Diversity Week (Victoria)

    • 20th March – World Storytelling Day

    • 21st March – World Poetry Day

    • 21st March – Harmony Day

    • 23rd March – World Maths Day


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