1. President's report

If you can believe it, it is already April! Which means we are about a month and a half away from our conference in May. Time flies while you are planning! We have a line-up of some amazing presentations and talent that we cannot wait to share with you. Additionally, our keynote speaker Associate Professor Trace Ollis will be able to speak to her extensive research in adult literacy. This conference is promising to be an interesting and challenging look at teaching as we re-focus on student centred practices after what has been a difficult post-COVID time.

In other news, we have started to firm up some of the professional learning sessions for the year. In speaking to our organisers Chris Tully and Manjit Bhamral, I’m excited to see what learning will come our way. I can’t help but feel lucky to be part of such a life changing process in the adult education landscape.

So, as you continue in your classes with a better understanding of who your students are and what makes them tick, take a breath during Easter and let’s remember the passion that led us to this rewarding profession. And don’t forget to register for the conference to take advantage of the early bird ticketing! 

Liam Frost-Camilleri

VALBEC President

2. Valbec Membership

VALBEC Membership

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    3. Conference

    Our keynote speaker, Associate Professor Trace Ollis leads a cast of amazing presentations at our conference on the 19th of May.

    Associate Professor Ollis is a leading researcher in adult education and has published widely in Australia and Internationally. She has deployed case study and multiple case study methodologies in various adult and vocational learning research projects; her research explores adult learning in formal, non formal and informal settings. She is the Principal Editor of the Australian Journal of Adult Learning, Australia's leading journal on adult learning. Associate Professor Ollis is an award-winning teacher and researcher.

    Register now to receive the early bird price!

    4. Resources

    SPELD SA Intensive Literacy Program

    The Intensive Literacy Program includes phonics, grammar and punctuation skills. Each module has an instructor handbook and a student workbook.


    Carringbush Reading Series

    The Carringbush Reading Series features stories and language from everyday life that are relevant to adult English language and literacy learners living in Australia. The books in the series are designed to be used as reading resources and as tools in the classroom to accompany lessons on themes such as daily routines, going to a GP appointment, employment pathways and other topics.


    5. Fine Print

    Members and subscribers keep an eye on your letterbox - the first issue of Fine Print for 2023 will be out this month! While you’re waiting, why not have another read of this great article by Jodie Whitehurst in our last issue: it will inspire you to try some improve in your classroom.

    Email Fine Print editor Deryn Mansell at fineprintvalbec@gmail.com if you have an idea for a Fine Print article.

    6. Numeracy News and CGEA update

    7. Unions

    8. Special dates

      • 2nd April – World Autism Awareness Day
      • 2nd April – International Children's Book Day  
      • 7th April – World Health Day
      • 15th – 21st April – World Creativity & Innovation Week
      • 20th – 25th – World Allergy Week
      • 20th - 22nd April – Earth Day
      • 23rd April – World Book and Copyright Day


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