1. President's report

One of the best advantages of being apart of VALBEC is the connections that you get to make with other people and institutions. VALBEC alone is made up of people from various backgrounds, but as a click tick as we are, there's still some educational areas that we don't connect with on a regular basis. I recently attended an enabling education conference, and it is fascinating to see how much of what they discussed relates back to what we do as a council and in our classrooms. We have the same concerns over student learning, attrition, and catering for diversity within our classrooms. Even funding was an issue to consider and discuss, and there was something unifying and reassuring about having these difficult conversations with seemingly different educators. To this end, I encourage everyone to discuss some of the issues that you're having with people of other sectors. Who knows? Maybe we'll come up with some novel solutions to the problems we've had.

In other news, Fine Print is looking to release its next issue at the end of November. I'm especially interested in seeing what this issue holds, not just because I've written one of the articles, but because of the educators out there who have been speaking to Deryn, our commissioning editor, about submitting some cutting edge ideas in the field. I, and the rest of the committee, are really proud of the work that Fine Print does in bringing light to some of the practices that are out there and sometimes questioning what we thought we knew about education. We are also looking at the mammoth job of putting together our 2024 conference. Our aim is to make it just as good (if not better!) than the 2023 conference, of which we're very proud. So please keep an eye out for a call of papers over the next month or so if you would like to present. 

VALBEC President

2. Valbec Membership

VALBEC Membership

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  • Fine Print three times a year – a high quality journal for discussion and debate about good practice, theory and policy issues. Feedback and contributions are actively sought from members about content and issues.
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  • Discounts for the Annual Conference and other VALBEC statewide professional development.

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    3. Resources


    Englishtenses.com is a website dedicated to the subject of the English verb tenses and grammar.


    Sounds of English

    Sounds of English helps to improve students' English pronunciation and  also provides help with spelling and reading.

    Find information on lessons, activities and much more.


    4. Fine Print

    Keep your eyes peeled for the final issue of Fine Print for 2023 - it will be out later this month and is full of great reading.

    While you’re waiting for it to arrive, here’s a five-minute read from last issue on staying up to date with blogs and podcasts from Linno Rhodes. 

    5. Numeracy News and CGEA update

    There are a number of resources on the Reading and Writing Hotline. Check them out. Teaching/Learning Resources and Workbooks for Adult Literacy Tutors (readingwritinghotline.edu.au)

    Dave Tout has an article in the next edition of Fine Print about numeracy. It is worth a read. 

    The next meeting of the CGEA champions is in March 2024. If you would like to be added to the list of attendees, please email Chris Tully at: ChristineTully@melbournepolytechnic.edu.au 

    6. Special Dates

    • 1st - 30 November - National Novel Writing Month

    • 6th – 12th November – National Recycling Week

    • 11th November – Remembrance Day

    • 11th - 18th November – World Nursery Rhyme Week

    • 11th - 18th November – Food Safety Week

    • 13th November – World Kindness Day

    • 16th – 26th November – Social Inclusion Week

    • 17 November – International Students Day
    • 25th November – White Ribbon Day

      7. Employment Opportunities

      Administration Officer – AMEP & General Administration – Part Time: https://prace.vic.edu.au/seeking-administration-officer-amep-general-administration-part-time/ 


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