Adult Learners' Week Forum

Tuesday 6 Sept, 2016, 6.00 – 8.00 pm

This interactive forum will bring together three experienced LLN practitioners to talk about innovative and effective approaches to assessment. Both for the initial interview and LLN assessment, they will discuss some strategies that better serve the needs of learners, while also being authentic and accountable.


'A Fuller Sense of Self' Five Years On

'A Fuller Sense of Self - a collection of stories told by adult literacy students' was published by VALBEC in 2011. Five years on we find out where they are now and discover how learning continues to influence their life journey.

This time they kindly and courageously shared their thoughts on camera.

More about this later, meanwhile see a snippet of the video

Download the original Fuller Sense of Self

2016 Conference - a great day!

Thanks to our generous presenters for sharing their expertise and ideas.



Presentations - added as they are made available by presenters.


Here's some pics of the conference - spot anyone you know?

2016 New Committee

The AGM elected the 2016-17 committee with a valuable mix of new and returning members.

We welcome the new Executive

Meg Cotter - Co-president

Linno Rhodes - Co-president

Digna Libera - Secretary

Ann Haynes - Treasurer

and general members Elspeth Collie, Anna Cranney, Melinda Eason, Kim Chi Forrest, Elizabeth Gunn, Lynne Matheson, Rhonda Pelletier, John Radalj, Rhonda Raisbeck and Sandra Wolfe.


A Fuller Sense of Self

A Fuller Sense of SelfDuring 2010, Tricia Bowen recorded the stories of adult literacy students across Melbourne and regional Victoria. The aim of the project was to gather stories which illuminated the lives and learning experiences of these students, while describing the challenges they faced, the events that had provoked their decision to return to 'school', and ultimately how their lives had changed and shifted following that decision to undertake adult education. Their stories reflect a changing sense of personal identity and growth in self confidence to engage with the world.

This publication is now available for download.

'Reading the Fine Print: A history of the Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council (VALBEC) 1978 – 2008'

Reading The Fine Print coverPurchase now


Author Beverley Campbell has been involved in education for thirty-five years, twenty-five of those in adult literacy education. She is a past president of VALBEC (1989-91) and a former member of the Adult Community and Further Education Board of Victoria.

'Fancy Footwork: adult educators thinking on their feet'

(Eds. D Bradshaw, B Campbell, A Clemans)

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Fancy FootworkTravel in the footsteps of a group of women adult educators who, in their desire to explore the spirit of adult education, met and wrote regularly over two years. Their reflections take you inside their world and they share what teaching means to them. Writing of joys, dilemmas and dangers, they reveal the complexities of teachers' lives and teaching work. Read these stories and you might very well find yourself heading in new directions.