Life Members

  • Beth Marr
  • Delia Bradshaw
  • Bev Campbell
  • Sarah Deasey
  • Jenny Dyer
  • Daryl Evans
  • Jan Hagston
  • Ann Haynes
  • Nance Hovey (dec.)
  • Julie Hurley
  • Robin Kenrick
  • Robyn Logan
  • Helen Macrae
  • Lynne Matheson
  • Rosa McKenna
  • Pauline O’Maley

  • Fran O’Neill
  • Rhonda Pelletier
  • John Radalj
  • Linno Rhodes
  • Noel Simpson
  • Sally Thompson
  • Sam Thomas
  • Aileen Treloar-Coates

Guiding principles for Life Membership of VALBEC


Nomination for life membership of VALBEC is for a person who has made a significant and continuous contribution to the Adult Literacy and Numeracy sector and VALBEC in particular, over a substantial period of time.


  • Contributions to the Adult Literacy and Numeracy sector could include, but not limited to, the fields of: teaching, researching, delivering professional learning, presenting at conferences, managing LLN teachers / tutors / teaching centres, writing professional literature, designing curricula.
  • Contributions to VALBEC could include, but not limited to: membership of the VALBEC Committee for several years, executive positions held, conference organisation, mentoring new members, membership of the Fine Print editorial committee.
  • VALBEC membership for at least 15 years.
  • Significant contributions to local, state and national policy, curricula and research.


  • A written nomination for Life Membership should be received by the VALBEC Committee at least one month before the AGM.
  • The nomination should be moved by a current committee member and seconded by a current committee member.
  • The nomination should include a statement of how the nominee has made a significant and continuous contribution to the Adult Literacy and Numeracy sector and VALBEC.
  • A motion to award life membership shall be put at the committee meeting. The motion shall succeed if it is passed unanimously by a quorum present at the meeting.
  • If the motion for life membership is passed by the VALBEC Committee, the Life Membership may be awarded at the AGM or at a separate event, eg the VALBEC Conference.


  • The names of Life Members are added to the register of Life Members.
  • Life Members are awarded a certificate.
  • Life Members no longer need to pay the annual VALBEC membership fees.

This document was approved at the VALBEC Committee Meeting held 14 February 2018 and the process will become effective from 1 April 2018.

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