1. The Resource

1.1 Introduction

'Building Strength in Numeracy' revises and improves on the iconic numeracy resources 'Strength in Numbers' and 'Breaking the Maths Barrier', and other 'tried and true' numeracy teaching resources developed by Beth Marr and other experienced numeracy teachers.

The new resource is a collection of activities that builds on and updates elements of the previous resources, as well as including many new, previously unpublished ideas, activities and student practice exercises. The resource is accessible online for teachers to use in a range of settings.

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1.2 Acknowledgments

Developed by: Beth Marr

Input and ideas from: Ruth Goddard, Penny Halliday, Chris Tully and all of the teachers who contributed to the adult numeracy resources of the past.

Desktop publishing: Patricia Bodsworth

Website design and development: Don MacDowall

VALBEC liaison and assistance: John Radalj and his students, Lynne Matheson, Don MacDowall, Digna Libera, Shanta Nazareth and Jacinta Agostinelli.

Author’s note:

Much of the content I have included in the ‘In The Head Calculations' section builds on the ideas of Ruth Goddard, developed over her many years teaching adult numeracy in a wide range of settings. The section also uses ideas inspired by other Australian colleagues with whom I taught more recently in an East Timor, Ministry of Finance workplace training project, including: Penny Halliday, Stephanie Mitchell, George Anderberg and Jonathan West.

I have also drawn on methods developed during that project for the Percentages section of this publication.

I would like to thank Chris Tully, Rhonda Raisbeck, Digna Libera, and Shanta Nazareth for their efforts in proofreading and trialling many of the Activities and Student Practice Sheets prior to publication. I am also grateful to John Radalj and his students for ongoing support and input to practice sheets.

VALBEC acknowledges the financial support of the ACFE board.

1.3 Answers

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