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Having some fun with numeracy and maths

This hands-on workshop will enable participants to experience a range of maths activities suitable for classroom use with a range of EAL, literacy and numeracy students. The activities focus on the development of core maths skills through approaches such as whole and small group work and the use of hands-on materials. They also encourage and support the development of critical language skills and understanding that underpin the successful learning of numeracy/maths. The maths content will focus on areas such as number, measurement, statistics and data, and location and direction.

The activities will illustrate alternative approaches to the traditional worksheet or textbook approach for teaching numeracy and maths.

About David Tout

Dave is a Senior Research Fellow in numeracy and mathematics at the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). He is an experienced LLN educator who is particularly interested in making mathematics relevant, interesting and fun for all students, especially those disengaged from mathematics.

Dave has worked in schools, TAFEs, ACE providers, universities, industry and for state and national education organisations. Dave has written many numeracy and mathematics teaching, assessment and professional development materials for youth and adults, and has written curriculum including for the CGEA, VCE and VCAL in Victoria, and is one of the authors of the ACSF.

Skills for Work, Study and Life

In this interactive session, you will have the opportunity to explore and discuss the wide range of LLNED materials currently available on the Learn Local Secure portal.

Josie will show you how to access the resources, take you through the literacy, numeracy and digital literacy resources commissioned by the ACFE Board, and lead a discussion on how they are currently being used.

She will also discuss the updated Pre-accredited Initial Assessment Kit (PRIAK), and in particular the additions to the kit, i.e., the practice measures and the numeracy tasks.

About Josie Rose

Josie has worked in Adult Community Education for some 30 years, many of these as an LLND practitioner. More recently she was involved in the development of the Skills for Work and Study curriculum commissioned by the ACFE Board.

Building stories, trust and confidence

As educators, one of the greatest gifts we can give our students is a safe space in which trust is built, taking risks is encouraged and mistakes are not only accepted but celebrated. Through the thoughtful implementation of drama improvisation (aka ‘impro’ or ‘improv’), such an environment can be created and the benefits for learners can be enormous.

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn a series of accessible, non-threatening impro techniques which can empower LLN learners to trust themselves (and each other), find their voices and explore their creativity. Through improvisation, our students become more spontaneous, while the sense of fun and laughter generated can create social connections and reduce stress.

While there will be some focus on how improvisation can benefit EAL learners, these transformative techniques are applicable across all adult learning contexts. No background in drama or improvisation is needed to participate in this action-packed, energising workshop.

About Jodie Whitehurst

Jodie is the creator of The Language Scene, an organisation offering professional development, empowering language educators to invigorate their lessons through drama. Formerly a secondary Drama and English teacher, she teaches EAL and ‘Drama for Language and Life’ classes at Williamstown Community and Education Centre. As an ISSI Fellowship recipient, Jodie has travelled internationally to research the benefits and best practice of teaching language through drama.

Last year, she was honoured to be selected as a finalist for the Victorian Learn Local Pre-Accredited Trainer Award. In her spare time, Jodie enjoys writing songs, swimming in the ocean and learning Spanish.

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