Guide to Presenters

For our 2023 Conference, VALBEC are focussing on Learner Centred Practices. We are excited to see and showcase all of the exciting things you have been doing in your work and encourage you all to put in a submission to present at the conference.

There are three themes to choose from to focus your presentation:

Classroom Practices

The COVID pandemic has put student educational needs at the forefront of our teaching focus, and now is a good time to begin sharing our ideas and practices. This theme will explore concrete teaching practices that help to engage and support our learners. Elements in this theme may include: student engagement, student diversity, student centred teaching approaches, multi-level classrooms, student centred assessment strategies, ways to empower students and innovative ways to teach in a vocational setting.

Programs of Innovation

With the evolution of policy, many innovative programs have begun to emerge within the vocational space. This theme will give presenters the chance to showcase their student-centred programs by discussing how the program was implemented, what the students achieved within the program and what the program will do differently moving forward. The committee is particularly interested in any programs that detail success in student learning, connection, progress and further study or employment outcomes.

Workplace Connections

After developing new connections during Industry 4.0, the fifth industrial revolution will necessitate new and innovative ways for vocational spaces to connect with workplaces.  This especially has occurred after the revamp of learning approaches during and after COVID. This theme will consider ways of developing and maintaining workplace connections, aligning courses with industry expectations and helping students to feel better prepared within the workforce. The committee encourages any presenters to showcase and detail the ways their learning programs have connected and maintained relationships with industry. This focus theme will also show some solid and innovative workplace programs, training approaches and learning liaisons.

Deadline date for the presenter applications is February 19th, 2023

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